CLC's Seventh Annual 'Breakfast on Woodward'

August 16th

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Another fabulous 'Breakfast on Woodward' again this year.  There was a constant stream of Vettes - first going north during the day and then coming south from "Corvettes on Woodward' around 7:30PM. 

Congrats to the eight from breakfast who stayed for lunch and ended up putting in a great day watching all the action on Woodward until all you could see were headlights and taillights.

Tom's Note from 2022:  at around 6:30PM there is a setting sun shadow at the curb about 10 feet either side of a line from the northern boulevard tree to the northern corner of the Red Coat building - good place for our chairs. This location for our chairs worked in 2023 as we enjoyed the shade after a very sunny day!!



The original Woodward Corvette Ally (started by CLC) with CLC on the curb in front of the Red Coat and right across the street from Dugan's


The original Thirteen (minus Tom)


having breakfast at 'The Avenue.

Hottest place for lunch right across the street

'Dusk on Woodward' - about 9PM

         Very happy to be part of this group, most who where there for breakfast and stayed to see 'Dusk on Woodward' - Tom.