CLC's Sixth Annual Breakfast on Woodward

August 17th

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We had a fabulous 'Breakfast on Woodward' again this year.  There was a constant stream of Vettes - first going north during the day and then coming south from "Corvettes on Woodward' around 7:30PM. 

Congrats to seven of the original eleven from breakfast who stayed for lunch and ended up putting in a great 12 hour day watching all the action on Woodward!

Thanks to Bill T. for some of the photos.

Tom's Note:  at around 6:30PM there is a setting sun shadow at the curb about 10 feet either side of a line from the northern boulevard tree to the northern corner of the Red Coat building - good place for our chairs.


Our regular 'Corvette Ally' parking in front of the Red Coat





The original Eleven (minus Tom) having breakfast at The Avenue

Check out that lighted hood ornament



Best place for lunch right across the street




Dusk on Woodward!!


The final Seven (minus Bill T who took the photo)