CLC Annual Fun Rally

June 4th


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It was a perfect spring day for a Corvette drive so we lined up 18 beautiful Vettes and headed out from Plymouth on a 60 mile drive to Jackson County's Clark Lake.   Along the way our rally teams tried to find answers to 28 clues given at the beginning of the trip. The rally ended with a lakeside lunch on a covered patio at The Eagles Nest restaurant.  

Many thanks to Lupe for hours of help designing the rally route and navigating the rally while providing driving directions to the our rally group.  Thanks to Terry and Carol for leading and providing driving direction to their group. 

Thanks to Jeff and Amy for joining us in their Orange C8 Coupe, we hope you had a good time. - Tom



1st Place - with 26 correct answers and tie breaker winner (275 miles) - Paul and Michael

2nd Place with 26 correct answers and tie breaker runner-up (180 miles) - Jeff and Amy

3rd Place with 24 correct answers - Jim and Ruth

Tie breaker question - answer:  How many miles were driven putting together the Fun Cruise - 521 miles

Note:  Average number of correct answers from all entrants - 19

Our Win



 1st Place -  Paul and Micheal        2nd Place - Jeff and Amy (driving this)       3rd Place - Jim and Ruth                                                                               












2022 Rally Route