CLC's 20th Anniversary Dinner

October 29th


The first ever Corvette Legends Club Dinner Cruise was hosted by George & Jan Peters on October 2, 2002. So, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the club's founding, George & Jan hosted 28 CLC members 2 applicants plus a former member (currently without a Corvette!) for a fun filled evening at Aubree's on October 29, 2022.

The hosts displayed: various club shirts showing past club sponsors - Lou LaRiche Chevrolet, Tennyson Chevrolet and our long-time current sponsor Les Stanford Chevrolet/Cadillac; a slide show that included 265 photos of past events that ran during dinner; copies of announcement flyers for many of our past events. George read highlights of the minutes from the initial club organizing meeting held on August 20, 2002 that included the goals for the new club that we have stayed true to for the past two decades.  

From the meeting minutes:  


"...agreement was developed on the following general types of club events: 

Dinner Cruises-    Especially meeting at a pre-arranged point and cruising to a restaurant and/or other attraction

Fall Color Tour-    Either for a day or overnight

Car Show-            This was discussed in conjunction with the possibility of soliciting Lou La Riche as a sponsor.  This dealer has recently hosted a car show at their Plymouth Chevrolet Dealership

Cruise In-            Various discussions about evening outings that could be organized, to include “just meeting someplace” to planning and organizing a Corvette Cruise In with a local restaurant, i.e., Central City Dinner in Canton.

Club Charity- It was basically agreed that we will, at some point in the future, choose a Club charity."



Paul Jenkins provided additional detail on the club's origins and the development of the club's logo.

After dinner, George presented his slide show “Back in Time” with wonderful photos that 26 of our members submitted showing themselves when they were in their late teens/early 20s (a number of examples are shown here). George's narratives about each “old” photo and the comparisons to the members' current photos generated some good laughs!

As the anniversary cake was being served Jan had everyone tell how they learned about and joined CLC. As we all lingered afterward everyone enjoyed more stories and conversation before the evening's end.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this a very special evening.

(Oh!...and Michael Myers made a surprise appearance passing out “Halloween” candy to everyone -- it appears that all he is seeking is some attention and understanding!!)

                                                     Thanks to George and Bonnie for the photos and George for the commentary