CLC Annual Fun Rally

August 28th


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The weather Gods were good to us providing a nice (maybe a little warm) day for our rally.  After we lined up 17 beautiful Vettes, we took off from Plymouth on a 60 mile drive out to Ann Arbor, Dexter, Hudson Mills, Hamburg and back.  We followed the Huron River for much of the trip and drove some great newly refurbished roads in Washtenaw County.  Along the way our rally teams tried to find answers to 23 clues given at the beginning of the trip. The rally ended at Don Juan with 31 for lunch as Gary and Kim joined us.  

Many thanks to Lupe for hours of help designing the rally route and navigating while providing driving directions to the rally teams.  Thanks to Terry for leading half of the group and Paul P. and Rich A. for doing last car duty.  Thanks to Nate and Jessie (black C4) for joining us, we hope you had a good time. - Tom



1st Place with 21 correct answers - Paul and Cindy

2nd Place with 19 correct answers - Jim and Ruth

3rd Place with 18 correct answers ( just edging out Nate and Jessie) - John and Sue



 Runner Ups -  Jim and Ruth         Winners - Paul and Cindy





2021 Rally Route