CLC Annual Fun Rally

June 28th

After a rain delay we had a perfect early summer day for our Annual Fun Rally.  Thirty-eight members in twenty gleaming Corvettes went on a scenic drive through the country looking for answers to clues in hopes of winning bragging rights as the Fun Rally Champion. 

Many thanks to Lupe for helping organize the rally and navigate during the drive.  Thanks to Lee and Pat for leading the second half of the group, Tony/Thelma and George/Jan for handling the 'rally last car' duty and all who participated in CLC's largest ever rally event.

  Our destination was the 80 year old Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville where we sat in the shade under a big oak tree enjoying ice cream and camaraderie - Tom

Answers to the tie breaker questions:

Roundabouts driven: 4, Fire Station number: 2, Miles between 1st and last clue: 38.1,Year Northville was established: 1827, Age of oak tree we sat under:  200 years

Rally winners:

1st Place - Jim and Ruth - $25

2nd Place - Paul and Cindy - $15

3rd Place - George and Jan - $10


Thanks to Joe at Guernsey Dairy for providing special parking for our Corvettes.



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    Our rally route