Thanks to Paul for this information.


All 2003 Corvettes with magnetic suspension, which includes all Anniversary Editions, leave the factory with "shock stuffers" placed on each shock absorber to prevent the suspension from bottoming-out during transport. This is required as there is essentially no shock absorber action when current is not applied to the shocks.



During the new vehicle preparation, the dealership is required to remove these shock stuffers. Since this is a new procedure for the dealer and it's not required on any other Chevrolet vehicle, many technicians are not aware of this procedure and cars have been delivered to customers with the shock stuffers still in place. Failure to remove these shock stuffers will result in poor ride quality.

The shock stuffers are placed by the factory under the dust cover of each of the car's four shocks. Removal of these stuffers requires jacking the car so the suspension can hang (or on a lift), pushing up the dust covers and removal of the stuffers. A yellow tag may be noticed protruding from the shock dust covers if they are still in place