How to change a C-5 front turn signal bulb


This is how you will know your signal is malfunctioning.The turn signal will flash at two or three times the normal rate when one of the lights is not functioning.When this happened on my 2000 Corvette, the right front bulb was not flashing.However the driving light did illuminate.


This is just like many other projects on a Corvette.The first time you do it takes four times as long as the second time.This will hopefully make your first time as fast as your second time.


1.                   Open your hood

2.                 Turn on the headlights until the headlight bucket is open then turn the headlight switch one click back.This will allow the headlight to be off but the bucket to be up.Close your door and the ďgongingĒ will stop.

3.                 Take a magic marker and mark the threads of the hood adjustment bumper adjacent to the headlight.Mark it just above the adjustment nut.

4.                 Loosen the adjustment nut just enough to allow the bumper to be unscrewed and removed.Lay it aside and donít move the adjustment nut.

5.                 Depending on the size and length of your arm, you may also have to remove the black plastic shroud that surrounds the headlight and is fastened to the headlight frame with three Phillips head screws.

6.                 If you use a mirror, you can see the light socket located in the middle of the turn signal light area.It is positioned into the turn signal housing from the bottom.It is off-white plastic and the associated wires attach at a 90 degree angle.

7.                 To remove the lamp, you must twist the bulb holder clockwise approximately 1/8 th of a turn.It will then drop out of the opening in the turn signal housing.

8.                 Caution:All the time you have been working the light may have been on.Only one of the two filaments have to be bad for the signal not to work.

9.                 I took a rag and removed the bulb by pulling and moving the bulb back and forth to free it from the socket.It simply slides into the socket.

10.              The bulb is a 3157 Amber Bulb.The store I went to purchase a replacement (Murrayís) didnít have that number so I purchased a 3057.It worked just fine.

11.               Slide the new bulb into the socket, making certain that it snaps into place and is firmly set.The bulb should function now and if you havenít disconnected your battery, it will be on.This is a good time to test the turn signal to ensure it works.

12.              Push the socket up into the opening and turn it back counter-clockwise to lock in place.Gently try to move the socket to dislodge it from the opening.Be gentle, itís plastic.

13.              Replace the headlight shroud, making certain that the top slides up and over the spring clip above the headlight.Fasten all three screws.

14.              Screw the hood adjustment bumper back in place and tighten the adjustment nut.

15.              Turn off you headlights, close the hood gently to ensure that the adjustment is still good and put the Corvette away.Good job!