Battery Chargers – Greg Carrriere


A few members in CLC have asked me about my use of Deltran Battery Tenders that I use on all of my vehicles and house, lawn and garden equipment, so I thought since this is the season to put the “toys” up for storage I thought I would pass what I have learned about battery maintenance during the winter months and pretty much all year around.

       I have been using the Deltran brand of Battery Tenders for as long as I can remember….15 years or so now.  (A couple other brands have “popped” up on the market recently but I am comfortable with the Deltran brand…. it’s American designed and made and I have never had one fail on me yet).  I use them year around on everything that I have that uses a battery for starting.  Cars, trucks (old & new), motorcycle, generator, tractors, and other grounds maintenance equipment.  One thing that I have noticed is that the life of the battery seems to be extended well into 6 & 7 years and sometimes longer.   I do not remove that batteries from the vehicles during the winter.  I just keep a Battery Tender connected to each battery all the time when the vehicle or equipment is not in use.    Keeps your battery charged without fear of overcharging or burning up with excessive over heating.

Each type of battery tender comes with two types of connecting harnesses, one is a clip on and the other is a I guess what you would call a bolt on or permanent type of connected harness that has a quick dis-connect connector on it.  That is the type that I use most of the time….don’t have to open the hood, ect…each time I want to connect the Battery tender to the battery….I just plug it in to the quick connect plug….very handy and a no-brainer…….I love no-brainer stuph………….to much thinking makes me want to nap more…..

Deltran makes quite a few different models now…..all work pretty much the same….one model is even water proof for outside in the weather type stuph…a couple different models can charge up to 4 or 6 batteries at the same time….anyway I hope this helps and I have included a few links to the Deltran site and some places where they sell them but if you do a search for Battery Tender you will find a lot of sites that sell them…….


gc  (cheapest price that I have seen)